Terms & Conditions

Waiting Time

At all airports we allow free 30 minutes or the time the passenger asked for as walk out time (whichever is higher) as waiting time after the flight has landed, and there after the charge will be 34p per minute.

For pick up from local address (residential address or business address), we allow up to 10 minutes free waiting time from the booking time then after 34p per minute waiting time will apply.

This means our fares are based on direct trip with passenger being ready to travel at the time of booking and place as specified.

Cancellation or No show

From any postcode cancellation not informed up to 3 hours prior to time of booking will incur 100% of the booking price.

If we pick up from any UK address the driver will wait up to 30 minutes after the time booking was made for, if we were unable to contact passenger (ringing the door bell and calling the contact phone number), we will pull the driver away and the passenger will be responsible for full cost.

Other Information

No reservation is considered as accepted until confirmed by phone or email and passenger has been issued with the booking reference number.

Additional surcharge of 50% on the price listed on the site may be added on the following dates 24, 25, 26, 31 December as well as 1st of January.

There might be additional charges if the passenger has to make a stop during journey (minimum £2) or any other diversion on the way.

Refund Policy

Refund will be issued on the following grounds.

  • Booking on all credit/debit card notified 3 hours prior to the actual pick-up time.
  • If the passenger missed the flight and informed us in advance either by phone or by email.
  • All the cancellations are subject to minimum fee of £6.00.

No refund will be issued for following.

  • If the passenger books the PHV for wrong date/wrong flight number and other misleading information.
  • If the passenger leaves the airport or any other agreed pick-up address without informing us for any what so ever.

Repair or Cleaning Fees.

You shall be responsible for the cost of repair for damage to, or necessary cleaning of, Third Party Provider vehicles and property resulting from use of the Services under your Account in excess of normal “wear and tear” damages and necessary cleaning (“Repair or Cleaning”). In the event that a Third-Party Provider reports the need for Repair or Cleaning, and such Repair or Cleaning request is verified by Runnymede Cars, Runnymede Cars reserves the right to facilitate payment for the reasonable cost of such Repair or Cleaning on behalf of the Third-Party Provider using your payment method designated in your Account. Such amounts will be transferred by Runnymede Cars to the applicable Third-Party Provider and are non-refundable.